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The Hard Sidewalk
Flores Erecti

A female philosopher
back in Greek times,
trend setter for life-styles unique.

Her poetry focused on
lush sexy rhymes
and kissing a soft, hairless cheek.

Elvis Priestly

He was “King”
that’s about it -
There’s little more to say

One thing......
He’d thrust his groin
And blow them all away.
Venus Unfurled
Wide and Deep
Vaginal Geographics

Just a few of the titles for books about bodily functions that haven't yet been written or even thought about, for that matter, culled from the Writer's BlockBuster, © 1997 Paula Hollins, a compendium of 900+ wacky titles to inspire writers with a big block in their creativity. To purchase the entire Writer's BlockBuster, use the e-mail link at the bottom of this page.

Vaginal Geographics
Batten Down The Snatches
Vaginal Mutiny or Yeast Increased
Laced Makes Chaste But Looped Makes Loose
The Best of Bestiality
Food For the Orifices
Tampax Techniques for the Novice
Penises I Have Known
Of Mistresses and Mattresses
The Great Cleavage Coverup
Mobile Dick
Hooker Heaven
Advanced States of Sexstacy
Critical Smut
Vaginal Insertions
Obscenity Has Its Place
A Dictionary of Phallic Symbols
The Hymen Hunters
The Condoms Unfurled
Clitoral Proclivities
Axel's Rod
The Nice Man Cometh
Two Nuns And A Pack Mule
Creative Circumcision: Snipping With Style
Brothers Under The Foreskin
Pianist Envy
The Book of Sexual Outlets and Other Orifices
Lad Lust
Costly Copulation
The Nipple Crushers
Jump’em, Hump’em and Dump’em
The Copulettes
Testosterone: Making Of The Killer Male
Voluntary Enslavement
Celebrity Celibacy
Sperm Rink
Dependable Parts: Guidebook for Sex, Car and Home Construction Enthusiasts
The Joy of Expletives
The Sweet Smell of Sucksex
A Man With Parts That Work
The Big Screw
The Harlot’s Letter
Absence Makes the Fond Grow Harder; Absence Makes the Hard Grow Fonder
I Get Hard for the Money: Diary of a Gigolo
A Hand in the Bush is Worth a Thousand Words
He Who Has Tits is Lost
All Hands on Dick
Lips Around My Chin and other side effects of VD
How to Tell the Whore Shoes from the Horse Shoes
Subliminal Porn
The Nudist Buddhist and the Nudest Buddhist
Chastity Belts and Security Breeches: New Ways to Preserve Virginity
It's Better To Put It All In Than To Beat Around The Bush

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
Niqui Offens

Niqui Offens
slept in coffins -
liked the solitude.

Lazed in red silk
sipping warm milk
often in the nude.

He lectured, he lechered
He craved books and boys.
Intellectual inquiry
brought numerous joys.

But one day he was caught
with a 10 year old youth.
His cronies bethought
his behavior uncouth.

“I was really just joshing,
pretending to bugger him,
a bit of gymnastics
I do when I hugger him.”

His colleagues were angered,
put him in cellblock.
No more Socrateases -
the exit: hemlock.
Rocks Around the Clock
Cake baked by Gail Morin. Poetry culled from Convoluted Characters, book titles from Writer's BlockBuster.

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