Zimbabwe Music Bibliography

Berliner, Paul
1978/93 The Soul of Mbira: music and traditions of the Shona people of Zimbabwe. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Paul Berliner's monograph on the mbira dzavadzimu is a comprehensive work on the instrument, the music, and the social contexts in which it is (traditionally) used. He discusses how people learn/ how it is taught, how it is made, and the meanings and beliefs associated with mbira. This work is of central importance to my website project, as it is the major source on the mbira.

Santoro, Gene
1997 "The Lion of Zimbabwe - Thomas Mapfumo." Stir it up: musical mixes from roots to jazz. New York: Oxford University Press.

This book examines the effects on music as it "crisscrosses" the globe, in a shrinking world. Santoro looks at how musicians from various parts of the world appropriate certain elements from other music. The chapter on Thomas Mapfumo, one of the creators of chimurenga music-guitars played in an mbira style-is of particular interest.

Turino, Tom
"Nationalists, Cosmopolitans and Popular Music in Zimbabwe." University of Chicago Press.

Reflections on how the mbira came to be identified with the nationalist movement, which may also be a factor in explaining its popularity in North America and Europe.

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No Author listed
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Eyre, Banning
1994 Note: I could not find the exact name of this article, but it is on Chimurenga bands and appeared in Guitar Player magazine in 1994. Happy Hunting!!

Eyre, Banning
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Zilberg, Jonathan
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Zilberg, Jonathan.
1995 "Yes, it's true: Zimbabweans love Dolly Parton." Journal of Popular Culture. v. 29 111-25.

Zindi, Fred
1985 Roots rocking Zimbabwe. Gweru: Mambo Press.

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