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A new musical business, a new musical look.

Paula Hollins brings a radical new approach to design work for everything from reproduction art work to designs for fabric, sheets, shower curtains, china and more. Her inventive, lush, imaginative vision of music transformed into a painted representation is irresistible for any manufacturer seeking something new and previously untried. When you are ready, Paula Hollins is ready to license these unique works in other formats.

Because her style is so unique, one has to see the original art work to really understand what “music would look like if we could see it”. Paintings of classical, opera, soul, Judaic, jazz, African slave songs, Shakuhachi flute music of Japan, hymns, etc. are ready for reproduction in all forms.

In addition to these musical motifs, Paula Hollins has some of the most inventive photography for licensing as posters, greeting cards, etc., ever shot. Until you see the talking horse or snarling cow, or photo-extraordinaire “The Hard Sidewalk”, you haven’t seen photography. Click on the home page links for Quasi-Photos or PornArtgraphy to go there. Text is already written to captivate the consumer for relocation announcements, life events, sweet love solicitations, and the macabre.

Please explore this site and contact us via e-mail, phone, or fax if you have interest.

Seeing is Believing!

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