Musical Ephemera Not Autographed
13th Century French Breviary Page
14 Modern Composer Postcards
1779 British Encyclopedia Music Chart

1779 British Encyclopedia Music Chapter SOLD
1644 Italian Poetry, Dedication to Monteverdi
1652 Italian Leatherbound Poetry Book
18 Small Composer Cards (Turn of the Century)
1817 Irish Fife Marches

1829 Scottish Songs Hand Notated
1830's Bound Mozart Operas (4) SOLD
19th Century Hand Notated Zither Music

1932 Musician's Benevolent Fund Program
26 composer postcards (early 20th century) SOLD
9 composer postcards 1880's SOLD
Anonymous Violinist postcard, 1902 SOLD
Auber, J. colored postcard SOLD
Backhaus, Wilheim postcard SOLD
Barton, Dora postcard SOLD
Beaumarchais, postcard SOLD
Beethoven, Ludwig von, 1902 color postcard
Beethoven, Ludwig von, T. Presser postcard SOLD
Best, W. T. postcard SOLD
Calve, Emma postcard SOLD
Chailley, Marcel M. 1910 postcard SOLD
Charpentier, Gustave 1905 postcard SOLD
Chase, Pauline, postcard
Chopin, Frederich, postcard SOLD
Chopin, Frederich, Great Ltd. postcard SOLD
Cluytens, Andre, postcard SOLD
Dubon, Theodore, 1905
Elgar, Sir Edward, postcard SOLD
Elman, Mischa, postcard SOLD
Foster, Stephen, 1940 stamps SOLD
Francesco, Phillip, postcard
Galli-Curci, Amelita, program
Gerasch, Alfred, postcard SOLD
Glinka, Russ., 1906 postcard SOLD
Gounod, Charles, color postcard SOLD
Gounod, Charles, postcard, T. Presser SOLD
Grieg, Eduard, musical postcard SOLD
Grieg, Eduard, postcard photo Norway SOLD
Grieg, Eduard, 1904 color postcard SOLD
Hall, Marie, postcard
Hambourg, Yan postcard SOLD
Handel, Messiah postcard 1908 SOLD
Handel, G. F. English postcard SOLD
Handel, G. F. postcard, T. Presser SOLD
Handel, G. F. postcard
Hebrew composers (6) SOLD
Homer, Louise postcard SOLD
Hummingbird duet, postcard
Ibert, Jacques, French postcard SOLD
Jolivet, Andre, photo postcard SOLD
Kreisler, Fritz, postcard SOLD
Kubelik, Jan 1904 postcard SOLD
Kubelik, Jan 1906 postcard SOLD
Kubelik, Jan and wife, 1905 postcard SOLD
Lange, Gustave, sheet music
Lesur, Daniel, postcard SOLD
Lind, Jenny, Album, mid-19th century SOLD
Lind, Jenny, book of sheet music of her best songs SOLD
Massenet, Jules, French postcard SOLD
Melba, Nellie, postcard SOLD
Mendelssohn, Felix, T. Presser postcard SOLD
Mendelssohn, Felix, Wedding March postcard SOLD
Mozart, Wolfgang A. 9" x 7" silk 1880s photograveur SOLD
Opera, "Joseph" 1912 Nantes postcard SOLD
Paderewski, Ignatz, postcard SOLD
Petrova, Olga, postcard
Pierne, Gabriel, French postcard SOLD
Reyer, E., 1905 postcard SOLD
Romberg, Sigmund, Tango postcard
Sandler, Albert, postcard
Sarasate, Pablo, 1904 postcard SOLD
Scheider, May, postcard
Schumann, Clara and Robert, color postcard SOLD
Schumann, Robert, T. Presser postcard SOLD
Schumann, Clara & Robert clip SOLD
Sheffield, Leo, in Ruddigore, postcard SOLD
Stock, Frederick, postcard
Telli, Rina, postcard
Tetrazzini, Luisa, 1912 postcard SOLD
Verdi, Giuseppi, 1962 color postcard SOLD
Verdi, Giuseppi, T. Presser postcard SOLD
von Vegsey, Franz, postcard
von Weber, K.M. postcard SOLD
Wagner, Richard, 1918 postcard SOLD
Wagner, Richard, 9' x 7" silk photograveur print 1880's SOLD
Wagner, Richard, T. Presser postcard SOLD
Wagner, Wieland, 1953 Bayreuth postcard
Workman, C. H. postcard SOLD
Ysaye, 1906 postcard SOLD
Art and Dance Ephemera
Musical Ephemera Autographed
Political Ephemera
Theatre-Literature Ephemera
Miscellaneous Ephemera
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