About Paula Hollins

Paula Hollins will try anything that won't kill her. And she has tried a lot of things.

She went to college, holds a master's degree in social work, practiced as a group therapist for years, and has sold residential real estate for the last 25 years in Brooklyn, NY. She is currently a Sr.V.P. with the Corcoran Group, Brooklyn. Missing none of the humor of that business, within this web site you will find a SurRealEstate Malaproptionary, © 2000, and you can read excerpts from her Musical Malaproptionary, © 1986.

Her paintings are on display in Europe and the United States. Her reproduction products are currently for sale around the country and are available through this web site for wholesale purchase if you click on Buy It Wholesale! or licensing if you click on License It!. Paula has won awards in art, poetry, and photography and is in print in all three fields. Visit Quasi-Photos and PornArtgraphy to view some of her most unusual photography.

In 1993, she decided to turn her sizable and diverse artistic output into a full-time business, Paula Hollins Designs. While doing so many things, she has raised two children, both of whom are proficient musicians and artists. She is married to Kenneth Clark, who is, among other things, a talented violist and pianist and without whom this web site could never have been constructed. When he is not kept busy by Paula's requests for more web site design functions, he is working with her to renovate property you might like to rent in Sarasota, Florida.



Paula Hollins holds the copyright to all artwork, photography, and written material on this website, unless otherwise noted.  Website design and construction by Paula Hollins and Ken Clark, November 2000.  E-mail:  info@paulahollinsdesigns.com